Maskan Investment Group Co. is one of the most valuable, admired and largest real estate development companies in Iran. It was founded with the initial capital of 10 Billion IRR in 1990. 
The company was changed from private Joint Stock into public Joint Stock in 2004, and its capital increased to 5500 Billion IRR in 2016. 
The company was restructured in 2006 and all business processes were planned concerning new missions and strategies. 
Since its establishment in 1990, the execution operation of over 67000 residential units within more than 350 projects have been performed by Maskan Investment Group Co. among which more than 40000 units were come to operation. In addition, significant activities have been carried out by the company in investment and construction of residential complexes, high-rises and commercial-administrative complexes, land development and construction of water transfer pipelines, roads and highways.
Today Maskan Investment Group Co. is included a parent company with 14 active subsidiary companies in 28 provinces and 36 cities.


Vision and Mission

Pioneering in Iran property market and effective presence in other emerging markets based on core purpose of the company.



Active presence in Iran property market and enter to competitive markets through mass production of residential, commercial , administrative and so on.
Providing real estate, financial and investment services.

Providing technical and engineering services related to property sector to all legal entities and individual customers.

  • Maskan Tehran Investment Co.
  • Maskan Pardis Investment Co.
  • Maskan Shomalshargh Investment Co.
  • Maskan Shomalgharb Investment Co.
  • Maskan Zayandehrood Investment Co. 
  • Maskan Alvand Investment Co.

  • Maskan Shomal Investment Co.
  • Maskan Gilan Investment Co.
  • Maskan Jonoub Investment Co.
  • Pars Maskan Saman Co.
  • Maskan Investment Consulting Engineers Co.
  • Maskan Investment Trading Co.

Contact Info:

Address: No.8, Shah Nazari St., Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran - Iran

Phone: +98 (21) 22913590-8

Fax: +98 (21) 22913599

E-mail: info@maskanco.ir