Our Team



Mohammad Reza Amini

 CEO & Director 


Mr. Amini has over than 30 years of experience in investment and financing in insurance, banking and construction industries. He has spent about 10 years in “Development Ministry” as financing and investment researcher, along with providing consultancy services to manufacturers. After that, Being an investment consultant, he simultaneously held financial/investment VP in “Mellat Insurance Co”, “Bahman Brokerage Co”, etc. for 13 years. Prior to joining MIG, Mr. Amini held CEO position in “EN-Bank Services & Logistics Co” from 2009 to 2016. He was awarded M.Sc. Degree in 1992 in Finance Management from Islamic Azad University.



Moslem Salehi

 Business Development VP 


Mr. Salehi has over 16 years of experience in the fields of strategic planning and business development for manufacturers and service centers. Prior to, he was responsible as planning manager in “EN-Bank” for 5 years and as marketing manager in “Soha” and “Almas” companies. He also managed subsidiaries’ affairs for “Bank Maskan Financial Group” in 2 last previous years. Mr. Salehi also serves as chief of board of directors in “Pars Maskan Saman”. His current responsibilities is centered around sales planning, market research & project definition as Business Development VP of MIG. He is currently Ph.D candidate of management in Isfahan University.



Mohammad Mehdi Naderi

 Financial and HR VP 


Mr. Naderi has more than 13 years of experience in financial Management in investment companies. He has many academic researches in finance, investment strategies & accounting. Before joining MIG, Mr. Naderi held management/Vice Presidency of financial division in investment companies like “Arzesh Pardaz”, “Arman” & “Tose’e Iranian” for 6 years. Entering to MIG as VP of Finance & HR in 2014, Mr. Naderi’s focus is centered around streamlining financial structure of MIG to be more compatible with the standards for holding companies. He Awarded PhD in Accounting from Tabatabaei University in 2008.



Masoud Moravej Jahromi

  Technology & Construction VP 


Mr. Moravej has over 15 years of experience in construction industry. Moreover, he selected as a member of board of directors in “Maskan Jonoob Investment Company”, one of the biggest subsidiaries of MIG. Based on his PMP certificate, Mr. Moravej activities is concentrated on project management and resource allocation in multi-project organizations. Before joining MIG, He had worked in “EN-Bank Services & Logistics Co” as project planning manager for two years and as Construction Development VP for three years. Mr. Moravej also has many researches on cements and concretes. He holds a Masters degree in Construction Management from Amirkabir University of Technology.



  • Maskan Tehran Investment Co.
  • Maskan Pardis Investment Co.
  • Maskan Shomalshargh Investment Co.
  • Maskan Shomalgharb Investment Co.
  • Maskan Zayandehrood Investment Co. 
  • Maskan Alvand Investment Co.

  • Maskan Shomal Investment Co.
  • Maskan Gilan Investment Co.
  • Maskan Jonoub Investment Co.
  • Pars Maskan Saman Co.
  • Maskan Investment Consulting Engineers Co.
  • Maskan Investment Trading Co.

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