What We Do

¨       Preparation of land and immovable property (area and building) through purchase or lease or appropriation or through urban land offices, etc for execution of building projects

¨       Study, design and execution of building and civil projects, including housing, administrative, commercial, installation and so on

¨       Accomplishment of contractual works no matter if the company is the client or the contractor

¨       Acceptance of consulting, supervision, execution, and accomplishment of building projects in the form of contract or trust

¨       Preparation and production of materials and other building equipments whether through factory formation, and/or purchase from abroad and selling them

¨       Purchase and importation of the required machinery, building materials and other equipments and devices that are necessary for the accomplishment of the above tasks

¨       Transfer of the units, buildings and built installations owned by the company through peremptory sale (in cash or installment) or rent on the condition of transfer or trust or in other form

¨       Receipt or acquisition of credit or any other financial funds through loan or civil partnership with banks and other finance organizations, or prior sale of the buildings

¨       Investment and legal partnership with legal or natural entities through direct investment or transaction of shares

¨       Optimizing housing pattern: During 16 years of its activity in Iran, this company paved the ground for adjusting infrastructure, optimizing consumption pattern, more absorption of investment in housing section by presenting proper designs.


¨    Access to desirable level in observance of technical engineering standards in urban planning, architecture, structure, mechanical and electrical installations is the result of the company"s constant endeavors during these years.


¨    Variety in the forms and existing procedures of design and construction is another part of this company's policies to such an extent that the company has benefited from the services of competent consulting engineers and well experienced contractors and constructors for decreasing the time and expenses of projects in addition to use the specialty of its members.


¨    Attendance in Festivals and Seminars: This Company has constantly participation in engineering festivals and the gathering of Man Inhabitancy Week and it has been mostly appreciated. In the last congress held for electing the best projects of the country within recent 10 years, organized in November 1999, 19 projects of this company in 21 provinces obtained the first rank from the viewpoint of design,  execution and maintenance.


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  • Maskan Pardis Investment Co.
  • Maskan Shomalshargh Investment Co.
  • Maskan Shomalgharb Investment Co.
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  • Maskan Alvand Investment Co.

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  • Maskan Gilan Investment Co.
  • Maskan Jonoub Investment Co.
  • Pars Maskan Saman Co.
  • Maskan Investment Consulting Engineers Co.
  • Maskan Investment Trading Co.

Contact Info:

Address: No.8, Shah Nazari St., Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran - Iran

Phone: +98 (21) 22913590-8

Fax: +98 (21) 22913599

E-mail: info@maskanco.ir