Mig ValueChain

 1   Businesses Management

Strategy Management

Corporate Governance


Performance Management

Group Restructuring

Process Development



 2   Investment Portfolio Management

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Product Portfolio Management

Market Research

Market Development

 3   Real Estate Development

Market Analysis

Concept Design Study

Feasibility Study

Project Definition

Land Evaluation and Selection

Land Acquisition


 4   Design & Engineering

Concept, Basic & Detailed Design

BOM of Project

Building Information  Modeling

Permits Compliance

Value Engineering & Cost Optimization


 5   Procurement

Procurement Planning

Suppliers Selection

Materials & Equipment Supply

Machinery Supply


Procurement Quality Control


 6  Construction

Scheduling and Planning

Project Management

Construction Management

Project Quality Control

Contractors Supervision

As-Built Documentation

Project Closing


 7  Sales

Marketing Strategy

Advertisement Planning 


Sale Organization Management

Brokers Management

Contract Management

 Product Delivery


 8  After-Sales Services

Customer Relations Management

Warranty Management

Customers Satisfaction Management



Hoteling Services







  • Maskan Tehran Investment Co.
  • Maskan Pardis Investment Co.
  • Maskan Shomalshargh Investment Co.
  • Maskan Shomalgharb Investment Co.
  • Maskan Zayandehrood Investment Co. 
  • Maskan Alvand Investment Co.

  • Maskan Shomal Investment Co.
  • Maskan Gilan Investment Co.
  • Maskan Jonoub Investment Co.
  • Pars Maskan Saman Co.
  • Maskan Investment Consulting Engineers Co.
  • Maskan Investment Trading Co.

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Address: No.8, Shah Nazari St., Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran - Iran

Phone: +98 (21) 22913590-8

Fax: +98 (21) 22913599

E-mail: info@maskanco.ir